Monday, February 24, 2014

Pro Traveller, Packing Amateur

Ok, it is confession time. 

For a well-seasoned traveller, I really should have my packing skills down. I am used to living out of a suitcase for months on end, have had to pack up my life and move to another country multiple times and should really be able to pack like a pro. But that is just not the case.
I am always very impressed by my fellow travelers who can pack light. And quickly. 
I am never more of a stereotypical girl than when it comes to packing. I seem to become excessively indecisive and just want to get everything in there. Even things that, logically, I know I will never use. But then again, if I don’t pack that pair of wellies… You just know I will be stranded out somewhere remote in a thunder storm and be kicking myself for my lack of appropriate footwear. Even if I am only going on a summer holiday to Spain.
Much like the rest of the world, airline weight limits are the bane of my life. Having worked in travel, I know my weight restrictions like the back of my hand and as such have my favored airlines. But some routes have been monopolized by low budget airlines that charge you stunningly high amounts for the right to 15 kg of luggage. I always feel like I am living life a little on the edge when I rock up to the airport with a 15.1 kg bag. And outraged when the airlines’ scales and mine have a difference of 0.3kg or so, pushing my weight up to 15.4kg. Phew, they have let me off with no extra charge. 
So lists are my solution to packing these days. So far, I am not doing too badly and things are slightly less chaotic! But what are your top packing tips? Do you have a similar problem or are you a more skilled packer? 

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  1. Lucky girl, seems like you travel often. I wish I would seee more of the world. Good luck with the packing!!