“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us”

Having lived, studied and worked abroad all my life, travel is a part of who I am.
I grew up in France, the US and the UK, studied Modern Languages at University and was lucky enough to spend a year in Spain as part of my degree and am now living in New York.
From New Zealand to California, from Ghana to MoroccoHawaii to Finnish Lapland, I want to write about some of the amazing places I have been and things I have discovered along the way!
I love food, and as a true foodie I am always on the look of for new tastes and flavors, new recipes and ideas, new restaurants and bars. I am passionate about good food and wherever I see food as an integral part of the culture and experience.
So if you love food and love travel….. this is where to read about it!

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