Saturday, July 26, 2014

Nutella Heaven in Flatiron

So, I have grossly neglected my blog recently but a quiet weekend to myself has given me time to get back to it. 

I love Eataly, I used to work in the area and would pop in for lunch most weeks. They have the most amazing produce and its a genuinely enjoyable shopping experience with knowledgable staff and quality foods. So when I heard that Eataly was opening a Nutella bar, I was counting down the days until the opening.

This is any self respecting nutella fan's dream. So, as expected, there was a fairly sizable queue of fellow nutella enthusiasts. With nutella jar upon nutella jar stacked up to the ceiling, I definitely felt as if I had gone to nutella heaven. 

Prices are a little inflated I would say, even for New York, and stock was limited as they were struggling to keep up with demand. I decided to try the Crostatina con nutella.

Realistically this place is great but more for the novelty. Nutella is good on anything and the crostatina was good- but I can't really give it any more praise than that. 

There are also lots of nutella related products (recipe books etc.) so well worth a visit if you are looking for a nutella related gift for anyone!